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Omnichannel Opt-in Content On-Demand Marketing

We provide consent based private and secure 1:1 business marketing solutions.

The Intellismart Omnichannel Marketing Platform

Didgebridge believes the era of violating a consumer's privacy rights when visiting websites open to the public and sharing of their personal data and individual browsing habits with third-party data brokers and Big Tech companies is coming to an end. Didgebridge's solution is the Intellimsart platform we created to help marketers, agencies, and brands grow their business and sales with our omnichannel approach.

Personalized. Private and Secure.

Each Intellismart microsite is personalized for our clients and we do not sell your data to third-parties or harvest your data.

Real-Time Dashboards

Gain actionable insights, capture more leads and build normative databases by using first party opt-in data to measure your content performance. Ideal for agencies and focus groups.

Proven Results by Top Brands

We have helped some of today's top brands in a variety of industries increase their revenues and deliver a maximum return on their investments to increase their sales.

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Didgebridge is a digital marketing and privacy-focused company.

We specialize in creating privacy focused omnichannel products and solutions for marketers, agencies, and brands. Our proprietary solutions were created as an alternative to the consumer privacy-violating Big-Tech companies of today.

Didgebridge's team of engineers created the Intellismart the platform as an alternative for company's that want to communicate with their customers and grow their leads without sharing their leads with all of their competitors on the pourous public internet ecosystem today.



Automated Microsite Builder

Professionally designed with today's latest web 2.0+ technologies Intellismart features an automated Microsite builder Platform as a Service or (PAAS).

Custom Solutions Available

Choose from our designs or provide your own. We have professional graphic designers and web developers to help you design your Intellismart omnichannel experience and call-to-actions for maximum engagement and to optimize conversions.

Built for Scale

Our platform is built with enormous scale in mind with flexible API integrations. The platform was built to be agile and to integrate with many popular CRM systems today.

Mobile Video Branded Channels and Networks

Add rich-media and video content to help tell your story and engage your audience with multiple video channels and create your own branded mobile video rich networks.

Proprietary Platform

We built the Intellismart platform using proprietary technologies and our expertly trained software teams from Didgbridge Labs.

Custom Dashboards

Each of our campaigns provide our client's custom analytics and in-depth dashboard views.

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